Certified Paralegal


Paralegal Legal Document Preparation

Certified Paralegal

Find a Certified Paralegal. Paralegals are knowledgeable about the legal system and do legal work under the supervision of an attorney. Paralegals assist with client interviews, legal research, legal documents, trial exhibits, draft contracts, compliance forms, and manage cases. Paralegals can draft legal documents including for adoptions, divorce, custody, business agreements, bankruptcy, and prenuptial agreements. Paralegals are sometimes known as legal assistants. Paralegal duties vary within each the legal jurisdiction.

Certified Paralegal might be able to provide assistance on issues such as:

  • Legal Paperwork Preparation
  • Legal Research
  • Divorce Paperwork
  • Adoption Paperwork
  • Business Contract Paperwork
  • Bankruptcy Paperwork
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Filing Documents in Court

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